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Muhammad Ali – The Boxer Who Ruled the Ring

Birth and Early Life of Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali was born on January 17, 1942, in Louisville, Kentucky, and his real name was Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. His father, Cassius Marcellus Clay Sr, was a sign and billboard painter and the name of his mother was Odessa O'Grady Clay, a domestic helper. Cassius Jr. went to central high school in...
boxing match

Boxing – Complete reading to know more about the game

History The human tendency to finding the art in fighting went back to a long time in history. A Sumerian relief which belonged to, as back as the third millennium BC, depicted boxing. Some other depictions from Mesopotamia and Asia Minor also indicated the boxing look-alike game. And it belonged to a later 2nd millennium BC. The next evidence from...

Rugby – Complete Details About The Most Exciting Game

History of rugby The popular game rugby might have its origin 2000 years before. Then the Romans played a ball game called ‘harpastum’. They brought back the game from Greece. The name means ‘seize’ in Greek which also implies that someone carried or handled the ball. The Roman soldiers in Britain introduced the game to the local people. People called...

Soccer – History, Rules, How to play and More

History Soccer has a long history. Approximately 3000 years ago, people of Mesoamerican cultures played a team game using a ball made out of a rock. In the game, the ball symbolized the sun. And the captain of the losing team should be ready to offer himself as a sacrifice to gods! In the 2nd or 3rd century BC, there...
roger federer

Roger Federer – The Living Legend of Tennis

Roger Federer is a remarkable tennis player in the history of the game. The adorable sportsperson has millions of ardent fans all over the globe who follow him fervently. At the young age of eleven, he was one of the top junior tennis players. He exhibited his distinct capability in the game and in the year 2003, he won the...

Golf – Rules & Regulations, How to Play and More

History of Golf Image Source: https://extra.ie Ancient Period Golf has a long history. It evolved continuously, withstood time and reached the present form. People played the game in many parts of the world. In the course of time, the game gained its importance in the important places of the globe. In the period of Ceaser, people played the game with...
Usain Bolt

Bolt – The Name Which is Synonym For the Word Fast

Early Life of Bolt Birth of the Speedster The fastest man on earth was born on 21 August 1986 to parents Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt in Sherwood Content, a small town in Trelawny, Jamaica. Also, he has a brother named Sadiki and a sister Sherine. Bolt spent his time playing cricket and football on the streets with his brother, and...
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Volleyball – Complete Information You Don’t Want to Miss

History of Volleyball Image Source: https://elperimetro.es/ Volleyball is the present name. Do you know the original name of the game? The name was ‘Minotonette’. William G.Morgan, a physical education director invented the game. It was the year 1895 and Morgan worked in YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States. During the period, he wanted to create a game that is indoors...
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Baseball – How to play the most popular game in America

History We don’t have specific historical pieces of evidence for baseball. And so, it's difficult to know about the exact origin of the game. However, traces of historical information link the game to ancient Egypt. It was a prevalent sport for a long time. Moreover, the ball which was in use over 2000 years ago is on display in the...
table tennis player

Table Tennis- A Complete Guide with History, Rules & Ways to Play

History of Table Tennis Most of the famous games today, began in a simple way. Likewise, table tennis also had a humble beginning as a ‘parlor game.’ Approximately during the 1880s, lawn tennis players started to play the game as an indoor version of tennis during winter times. It was the origin of the game. The old name for table...
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