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field hockey players at play

Field Hockey – History, Rules, Regulations and More Information

History of Field Hockey Image Source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/ People in ancient Greece played a game with a horn and a ball, and there is a depiction available which dates back to c.510 BC. The horn and the ball relate it with field hockey. In the depiction, two persons are in an encounter while others are looking. So researchers differ in their...
Tennis Match

Tennis – Know the History, Rules and How to Play

History of tennis Image Source: www.hhhistory.com The popular belief is that the history of tennis dates back to thousands of years. And the place of origin would be Greece, Rome or Egyptian civilization. Some historical hints pointed to an Egyptian town ‘Tinnis’ and the Arabic word ‘Rahat’. By the way, the word rhymes with the word ‘racquet’ which means ‘palm’....
basketball player nearing the hoop

Basketball – Know The Rules and How to Play the Game

History of Basketball Basketball doesn't date back to centuries and is relatively a recent invention. The place of origin was Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was early December in 1891. The physical education professor and instructor, Mr.James Naismith at YMCA thought about keeping his gym class active despite raining. He wanted to devise a vigorous...
Cricket match is being played

Cricket Information: Handful and Complete

History of Cricket A lot of theories and speculations exist about the origin of cricket. Among them, the first reference available dates back to 17 January 1597. Probably, children who lived in south-east England created the game. France is the place from which the game originated. From the usage of the word, 'Creag' historians came to the conclusion and the...

Sports Personalities – Famous and Evergreen

1. Pele Among the top sports personalities, Pele is the most famous person and he still has the same reverence in the sports circle. It happens even after the iconic footballer of the 20th century hung his boots, a long time ago. He was born on 23 October 1940 in Tres Coracoes, Minas Gerais, Brazil and named as Edson Arantes...
top sports in the world

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World

Top sports in the world is a list of sports with a huge fan following worldwide. The huge inherent revenue the sports bring with it also decides the place of the sports on the list. Every region in the world has its favorite sport. But some sports are hugely popular among the global population and have a large fan following....

Life Lessons That Sports Teach You Which are Very Valuable

Life lessons that sports teach you are innumerable which varies from discipline in daily life to achieve what you want in life. The word ‘Sport’ originates from the French word ‘desport’ which means leisure. During human evolution, sports originated as a leisure activity, and with the time it developed into a fierce competition. All ancient civilizations had sports in one,...

Complete Guide to Badminton with Much More Details

This complete guide to badminton will be helpful for the sportspersons who look for details and will also be a good read for common readers. Do you know anything about ‘ battledore’? The earlier name of the badminton racquet was battledore. And people called the early form of badminton as ‘battledore and shuttlecock.' But it's not a recent story and...
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