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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

For a long time, we have been in different businesses and succeeded in many of them. We never stopped playing games like badminton, cricket, and volleyball. We treat them not as recreational activities and have been carrying the fire in the belly with undying passion.

We’ve gotten into the act and ‘Ataax’ materialized. The one line script for the brand is -‘It is an International Sports Brand”.

We have a brainy R&D team which toiled for a time to come up with very innovative products which would definitely make the hard routine of the sports people an easy affair.

Sportspersons, people who play with complete passion, sports academies, schools, and colleges would appreciate our efforts and we, in turn, feel very much happy to do our best to the sports community.

We fulfill orders from all over the world and the time taken to deliver the products will be a minimum possible duration. Wholesalers, retailers, individual enthusiasts, sports clubs, schools, and colleges are welcome and we are here to serve you with our best products.